We’re living through a time of rapid change, disconnection and disruption where businesses and people are adapting at high speed. 

Businesses have a unique role in supporting their people to flourish and thrive. Employee wellbeing is critical to success. Effective management and business growth depend on talent attraction and retention, high performance and productivity. Wellbeing is the cornerstone. Our programmes demonstrate measurable improvements in mindset and wellbeing - expert support is key. 

The Natural Psychiatrist is a team of trusted experts in mental health, resilience and connected leadership. We have an established reputation for high-quality training and consulting; engaging leaders and their teams to improve mental health, wellbeing and performance.

We deliver a range of topics and formats developed in consultation with the businesses we serve and tailored to their business priorities.



Organisational Psychiatry Consulting 
In times of change we all need resilience: the ability to adapt successfully to adversity, stress or challenge. We advise around mental health promotion, prevention and problem solving in a broad organisational context.


Our coaches support the content and delivery of our training topics in one-to-one and group sessions.

Training Programmes 
Your people’s time is expensive: you need trainers with gravitas, topics which matter and material with impact.

Topics Include

  • Resilient Leadership in Uncertain Times 
  • Neurodiversity at Work: Raising Awareness and Building Resources
  • Hormone Health: Reproductive Hormones, Health and Performance
  • Foundations of Wellbeing: Lifestyle Medicine by Topic



Dr Judith’s contribution to the M&G Well-being Wednesday and Well-being on demand platforms has been invaluable from the start of the pandemic through to today. In each session Dr Judith helps our colleagues tangibly connect the physiology and psychology of better well-being practices. We’ve benefited from Dr Judith’s knowledge on a wide range of topics including the value of rest, the importance of setting boundaries in managing stress, the impact of loneliness, how to build resilience and more. Dr Judith has really connected with colleagues and she’s played an instrumental role in highlighting the importance of looking after your well-being.

Hill Dickinson

You made that whole subject look absolutely effortless, key clinical principles were turned into everyday language and it was a down to earth practical and extremely engaging workshop. Thank you.



Managing Director 
Dr Judith Mohring is a consultant psychiatrist with 25 years’ experience in clinical and organisational practice. She studied medicine at Cambridge and London and was a gold medal graduate at finals.


Dr Judith has worked around the world, set up award winning services and led clinical practices in the City, Chelsea and Harley Street, where she pioneered her unique lifestyle psychiatry approach. She is an expert trainer in resilient leadership, stress management and ADHD. 

Over the last five years she has established the Natural Psychiatrist, teaching professionals the science of wellbeing to enhance organisational wellbeing. Her skill is creating awareness which leads to action in the audiences and groups she works with. 

She is a Spears Top 500 award winner 2023 and her clients include investment banks, law firms, property companies and consultancies among others. She lives in London with her husband and two children, loves nature and is a recent convert to open-water swimming.

Our Team 
We have a core team focused on exceptional delivery and a portfolio of trained professionals to draw from. We are a diverse team of creative thinkers. Our primary team, along with Dr. Judith Mohring: 

Kali Buttrick - Lived-Experience Lead, adult education expert, therapist and trainer 

Kirsti O’Sullivan - Business Operations Manager 

Matt Briggs - Coach and business owner

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